E Cigarettes – What’s All The Fuss


E Cigs – What’s All The Fuss About

Hi and welcome to my site, all about e cigarettes. The health aspects of ecigs, as well as the brands covered, along with some reviews to help you on your journey to discover the perfect vapor cigarette for your needs.

So Why should I bother with this alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes for recreational purposes? Well the fact is that I was raised in a family where my parents were both smokers; my father being the heaviest, smoking as he did some 40-60 cigs per day – I know because I was usually the one who was sent to buy them from the local tobacconist.


Does the rise in ecigs mean the end of the traditional ‘cancer stick’ or is e cigarettes merely a fad that will pass away in time?

My biggest recollection of these days was that my parent’s fingers were always stained a disgusting colour, ranging from yellow to dark brown. That, and the fact that I was raised in a perpetual smoke haze, competed with memories such as my mother – who was a great baker – made pies that had a slight whiff of cigarette smoke about them! Quite sad really that I should remember her for that…

Moving on to the present day however, we now have the phenomenon of the e cigarette – a product that promises all the pleasure of a ‘quiet smoke’ combined with the fact that it is free of free of Tobacco Carcinogens, safe to use, and will not contaminate the children and leave their hair and clothes smelling of ciggy smoke!

Habit Breaking Cigs ?

One of the big things about ecigs, is the fact that some consider them as a great way to break the habit; the mind being tricked into thinking that it is still getting it’s ‘fix’ as it were. This is still an issue that has yet to be proven medically, but there is much in the way of anecdotal evidence to support this claim. Unfortunately not many people have the will-power when it comes to giving up the cigarette habit – fortunately today we have the ashless cigarette to perhaps help out in this respect.

My own parents ‘enjoyed’ a huge smoking addiction, with my father puffing away over 40 cigs daily, and my mother around 20 – both of them passing away years earlier than they perhaps should have. Were the traditional cigarettes and Tobacco smoke inhalation to blame?  In my own opinion, most certainly.

Burning MoneyIn my view, any product that can possibly help to break the smoking habit has to be a good thing, providing you are not just replacing one health destroying, money burning habit with another that is!

On this site I hope to investigate the nature of e cigarettes, the safety issues involved around them, as well as the different e cig brands available – including some short reviews of the most popular e cigarette’s on the market at the moment.

I will also post some of the accessories that can be purchased for your vapor cigarettes ( another name for Ecigs), including the various flavours or v-juice fillers you can buy.

Burning Money?

Cost is always a big issue with consumers, and cigarettes have long been considered of just another way to burn money! With that in mind,  I will add a cost comparison page in order to compare the costs of traditional smoking with e smoking. In particular is it more cost effective to smoke disposable or non-disposable smokeless cigarettes.  There’s lots to come, with information on every aspect I can think off in the e cigarette marketplace – I hope you can join with me, perhaps add your own comments or experiences with this new cigarette revolution!

Meanwhile, what exactly do we mean by artificial ciggies? and is Vaping actually good for you ? check out this page to find out more on the subject.

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